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Soritimac Feeding Concept offers a comprehensive Bowl Feeders, Vibratory Linear Feeders and a wide range of individual requirements for many different components. Sortimac Bowl Feeders are suitable for feeding component for subsequent operation on special machine in, Electrical, Mechanical, Optical, Bearing, Plastic, Jewellery, Pharmaceutical Industry etc.

Any where there is a need to automate the handling solution and orientation of the part component.

We have the technical knowledge and experience to handle the most demanding and challenging project. From concept to a fully commissioned automatic part feeding system. We also Supply a Support Complete feeding and assembly solutions specially designed as per customer requirements; built using SS304 and SS316 Stainless Steel.

What we do

Our parts feeding system is a custom design , fabrication and built to our customer unique requirements, basically we are the manufacturer of Vibratory Bowl Feeder, Parts Feeder, Bowl Feeder System, Pick E Place Device, Linear Feeder, Hopper Elevator.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders (Conical / Step / Cylindrical) I Linear Feeders I Hopper Feeders I Drive Units I Pick E Place Units I Sliencer Hoods I Standardized Feeding I Accessories I Controller Digital / Analogue I Hopper Elevators I Conveyor Feeders